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really? well that's something we know happens, we do quicker than we think. But if you keep trying, you'll get it. Ill get there someday.

Damm man... that is disappointing :(
I remember when you scouted me... great days! Thanks btw

You're the first person I scouted. I knew you were legit because your stuff sounded good, but the volume leveling was obviously off. You've come a long way since then.

WHAT IS SCOUTING!?!? Can someone please tell me?

One day..

I have done this before. I was doing a scouting run, when I found out I accidentally scout 2 audio thieves by accident around late August 2016. Some users, like @jpingo and @GalacticPenguinz, I meant to scout due to their satisfactory audio quality. @Redep When you are scouted by a scouted audio artist, you can upload your music and use them on Geometry Dash and scout other unscouted artists.

I have a guide in one of my news posts about scouting people. Most of the points cover possible thievery and how to catch it.

@JordanKyser That actually was changed. Any new scouts now have to be scouted by RobTop before your sounds can be used in the game. But your audio will still show up in the approved artists.

And a more detailed explination for @Redep would be is if you're unscouted (every new user starts out unscouted) your sounds cannot be downloaded, embedded, or like Jordan said can't be used in Geometry Dash. The scouting system was made is because Newgrounds has to pay for every bit of storage used. And the scouting system was to ensure more worthy artists were on the approved section so they weren't paying to store mp3 files of "talentless" musicians. If someone scouts you all your audio will now be in the approved section of the audio portal. This gives you more exposure because the only people who actually check the un-scouted section are scouters and reporters for the AP cleanup. That and you could also choose to enable downloads, enable embedding, and enable external API use for Geometry Dash. Un-scouted artists cannot scout people, but they can recommend it to whoever the recommendations go to.

Correct. Once you're scouted, your stuff will be visible in the audio portal (and the general public) and also downloadable (if you so choose to allow downloads). However, you'll need approval from RobTop himself in order to allow use of your audio in Geometry Dash. So, it's a two step process.
However, if you were already scouted before this system was put in place, you're already RobTop approved.
@Redep I believe that answers your question.

For the record, scouting people no longer does harm your acc, but do be on the lookout for duplo music. It's only a small portion of the crap we deal with daily, but it's even more annoying because you'll hear the same dubstep basslines or string loops in hundreds if not thousands of songs.

I think I'll just consult with you for that, then. I am not wise to the loops; I don't know what to listen for.

I used GarageBand loops for my song Hellstep, and published it not long ago. I needed to be scouted. I also know a song called Edds Crappy Song which used stuff from GarageBand.