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Posted by JK-FlipFlop - August 10th, 2016

This site. Dead. Not a single message or comment today. Not even a forum post in a thread I started. That never happens. Is everyone losing interest?

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HEROES NEVER DIE!! Wait.... wrong place

*no comment*

Maybe your populaity is low now...?

Maybe. I need to pump out another dubstep song if that's the case.

I've been taking breaks. I go in a cycle of losing interest and gaining it back. It's better to take a break instead of forcing yourself. Unfortunately I can't say the same about school.

I know what you mean. You should take a break until inspiration hits. I think I should do the same.
Also, I thought of a genre for you to try to make. Listen to the Autoimmune album by Meat Beat Manifesto. It's really simple yet really kick ass. I dunno the exact classification, but I think you'll have fun with it.

Sure, I'll listen to it. Lately I've been trying sound design. I'm wanting to make a lead for dubstep but my sounds aren't dubstep. They sound like dance or house music.

Don't ask me how but I also randomly just made a growl without even knowing it lol

A growl? I totally need that preset.

Eh, it happens to alot of people. There are just some days that everybody is busy. I should know lmao.

Yeah, but I'm always replying to comments and stuff with my phone. Like I am now, for example. Ah, phones these days...

It's kind of an experimental growl. One of the features in Harmor is an image analyzer (@dem0lecule can correct me if I'm wrong since he knows FL more than I). I have a Siren sample that I put in the analyzer. I put the loop in ping pong mode and edited the speed and it sort of sounds like a growl. It sounds better with EQ but I'll send an mp3 to see what you think.

Oh, it's Harmor. One of those things in FL...
I need to mess with FL, if only for Harmor.

Harmor is amazing. Probably the easiest advanced synthesizer to learn imo. If you need help just drop me a question.

Awesome. I have FL 12 demo. If need be, I'll record with Audacity and put them in Mixcraft that way. Let's see just how much I can do with Harmor >:)

If you ever get the full version I can send you some presets. It's actually easy to make those square waves you use for your chiptune tracks.

By the way does that mp3 I sent you sound growlish?

Eh, I can probably just mess with it and take screenshots of the settings if it doesn't let me save custom presets.
And it doesn't really sound like a growl to me. It's closer to a radio noise. Want a good growl? Try a vocoder. You can do this in Audacity. Vocals in the top audio track, best to use a bass/bassy sound in the bottom. That sound at the beginning of my track "FUCK YOU UP THE ASS" is two drum kicks with the vocoder effect.
And I have no need for another way to make square waves. I have at least 6 different things to make that sound, excluding one of the midi synths built into Mixcraft (Acoustica Instruments 1:80 Square Wave).

It sounds like vocodex to me tbh.

Eh, I already have 3 growls. I just need to make a good lead for the intro.

That's what I had to do. I had to screenshot my melodies as well and what presets I used at the time (when I was fully reliant on them). However you can always export a sound as a wav. To the Sky was mostly Serum presets exported as wav files.