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Who wants to cut perfect loops in Audacity?

Posted by JK-FlipFlop - October 18th, 2016

I have a formula for the length of your loop based on the tempo and number of measures, where L = the length of the loop in seconds, B = BPM, T = the number of beats per measure (the top number in your time signature) and M = the number of measures your loop spans.

L = M×(60/(B/T)

If you don't understand algebra well enough, I'll explain. Divide your BPM by the number of beats per measure (if you're using 4/4, then it's obviously divide by 4; if it's 3/4, divide by 3). Then do 60 divided by that result. Then multiply by the number of measures. You'll probably end up with a weird decimal number most of the time, so use that zoom feature and use the nearest sample (those little dots you see when you zoom in very close; those are called samples). Once you're done highlighting, use Export Selected Audio and you're good to go!

Example: my song is 120 bpm with a 4/4 time signature. I have 32 measures in my loop. 120 divided by 4 is 30. 60 divided by 30 is 2. 2 times 32 is 64. My loop is 64 seconds (1 minute, 4 seconds) long. In my DAW, I make my loop run 3 times back to back. After mixing it down to a wav file, I would import that file into Audacity and highlight (to the sample) from 1:04 to 2:08 (minus one sample at the end). I use Export Selected Audio in the file menu, and export a perfectly looping mp3 file. Bam.

If you'd like to see a demonstration of this, I made a video doing it myself.


Comments (5)

Sounds like good sex to me. I don't recognize Gas Man from a MM title, so which game is this from?

This is totally original, inspired by Megaman.

This is all well and good but to someone like me who needs to see and hear what's going on, it's a little brick-wall-of-I'm-hopeless-stupid-y. Ergo I understand the premise but not exactly how you're implementing it. Quite promising, for sure. Maybe upload a quick and dirty clip where we can see what exactly you're doing.

Very well. Maybe I'll go ahead and do it right now.
EDIT: here I go. Better than blasting country music all night.


Thanks! I'll go ahead and add it to the list!

Sweet. I'll be going for the Genesis one as well soon.