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Why I don't reply to most reviews, and other news.

Posted by JK-FlipFlop - February 21st, 2017

I'll only reply to helpful reviews. If your review is ass-kissing, hateful or doesn't make sense, I don't bother.

I'm also making preparations to leave Newgrounds before the end of the year. I'm hoping (before I leave) to find the time to put together a few resources for new musicians, plus a pack of midi files of original material I've made. I'll still make music until the point where I leave. A few of you already know why I am leaving.








Comments (8)

I'll miss you my n***ah.

I'll miss everyone. This is a great community.

legit leaving?

Yeah, I think so. And not exactly by choice. But maybe one day I'll return with better music...

Goodbye. Will Pingas Dubstep be done by the end of the year?

Mmm. Yeah, maybe I should finish that... But hey, I'm not leaving tomorrow. I'll be around for (probably) the whole summer.

aw man gonna miss u. U influenced the community in a good way and made newgrounds a better place (especially the music community!).

Thank you so much! I don't think I really did that much, but I'll take your word for it.
Hey, there are other chip artists out there who do Megadrive music. Check out @adamills. It's still gonna be a thing without me, don't worry (:

If it's because of the kid, then I can understand you being on a lot less, but not gone altogether. After all, your kid will want to know where all that inherited musical talent came from, and you'll log back onto Newgrounds, show off your list of greatest hits, and your kid will laugh at all of it and go, "Seriously, dad, where's all that good shit you claim to have made." One belt later. We'll have you and a new member named ?K-FlopFlip doing EDMemes together.

Maybe I can check in weekly, but I know what I'll see every time: 100+ things in my feed and 30 something private messages. Nah, I'm better off turning off messaging and logging off for the last time.


Btw are my reviews "ass-kissing"?

Not entirely. At least it's clear that you've listened to it when you type something.

Promise to poke your head in every so often, aight? And before you go, poke me on FB

Fine, I suppose I could do weekly check ins.
And I'll get an account before I leave, but I'm only sharing it with certain people here.

Ohhh, so by ass-kissing you mean "I haven't even heard this song and I already know it's great 5/5".

Pretty much. I can tell when someone is doing it. I've been uploading auditory shit that makes people want to puke since 2009.