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This is like King Diamond put into a blender with Judas Priest, with a little Frank Zappa sprinkled on top. Good stuff!

Actually, the mixing is quite good on this song, and the vocal layering is great. I just wish you would have said more than "In not gay" for the whole song.

Aside from the points I mentioned in our conversation, I think the best way to bring the guitars out would be to try an FM synth with slight overdrive, then an amp simulator instead of samples. Might come out a bit louder.
Although I do love the use of synth, I think it might be what's killing your mix. It just feels like there's too much going on to reach that maximum volume. Possibly also the reason for the guitar not being very audible. But I haven't seen the project, I can't say for sure.
However, the good points here are the composition, the vocals (the chorus, not caring much for the screams tbh) and the overall complexity with both the orchestral parts and the percussion. I feel like this good be an absolutely amazing song with better mixing and mastering.
btw hit me up if you wanna know how to properly rig up your guitar.

ADR3-N responds:

Actually, I did try an FM synth with NadIR and Emissary. Ended up not being happy with the tone though and going with samples. What's interesting to me is that across several different car speaker systems as well as desktop speakers, the guitars come through clear as day and sound separation is good, but on headphones, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack, and the overtones are a little... ew.

Good news, I am actually going to be able to afford a DI box and usb rig for my guitar, so soon you'll be able to critique my technique! :P Lucky for us my live mixing is a lot better than my sample chopping.

Also, if you could point me to some good scream technique vids, that'd be awesome. I've been screaming for a good decade but always as an amateur, and the first time I started studying technique I was probably in late highschool. So not more than 5 years ago really. It's something I aim to improve, and I would really like the individual aspects, including mixing, critiqued to fuuuuuck. Really, I'm not shy.

Not bad at all.
However, the drums should be brought forward just a little bit, and also bring out the high end (treble) with some EQ. The master EQ should almost look like a slight smile.
The transition at about 0:56 was weird, but I think all you needed was some toms to lead into it, followed by a crash cymbal.
I still like it, though. Got my head nodding.

IMPKing6 responds:

The transition part was the main reason why I made the news post to begin with: This was one of the songs that I kinda rushed...

And about the drums, I used some samples that I made myself. Not sure if that explains anything or not, but I just felt like saying it.

I dunno if you noticed, but it doesn't loop well. I think FL Studio screwed up exporting the loop properly.
To be honest, this really sounds like an intro instead of a completed track. Add some more to this, make it longer and maybe a melody, too.

The kick drum is loud as it should be, but I wouldn't say punchy. Also, where's the bass? While it does give that radioactive science fiction vibe, it needs some work. With some volume leveling and stronger bass, this would be great. Also, please make it at least 2 minutes long. Keep at it, and good luck!

RealToxic responds:

Well, this is one of my older songs, so dont expect that they are gonna be Masterpieces.
I recommend you to listen to "Random Loop 08" and "djtoxic" they are waaaay better than this!

Great for a first song.
Sounds like some of the low end is out of tune, but I'm still digging it. I like the bass that comes in a little more than halfway through, though I could have done without the metallic sound near the end.

Tebiri responds:

It's been forever since I've made this song, and I thought it was amazing when I first made it. Now it kinda sounds weird, but it's nice to know my first song is still kind of good. I agree with the metallic sound; I have no idea what I was thinking there. There were much better choices of instruments there. Next music track I make (sometime this year i swear) will be much better sounding than this song and less of a jumbled mess of instruments. (also hopefully no out of tune instruments)

I would normally give some criticism, but there's nothing off about this. It's absolutely amazing! Bravo! I'm adding this to my favorites!

I0TA responds:

thanks bruh, congrats for you making top of the week too.

My only complaint is that the panning is weird, but other than that, fantastic!


hahaha thanks, this shit is old as fuck, you can listen to the properly recorded/panned version on spotify, just search for Dirty Ice and the album Abandoned I released it 2010 and you can hear the updated version I made of this in 2009

If you want to get scouted, you need to do better than this. Most songs (even in Newgrounds) are comprised of far more than just a drum and a melody. Even music from most arcade games is made up of at least 3 instruments. The NES (an 8 bit game system) has 4 channels of sound: two square waves (lower frequency limit of 54Hz, usually one is used for lead and the other for backing or counter melody), one triangle wave (lower frequency limit of 27Hz, typically used for bass due to the shape of the wave and lower frequency limit) and a PSG "noise" channel, used for drums. Don't get me started on the SEGA Genesis. If you are serious about getting scouted, take my advice and put more effort into your music. And don't be calling me a troll or a jerk for this helpful review. I took time to type this to help you, not to be a jerk.

DoubleDenial responds:

You realized I used four sounds channels? I love people who don't listen to my music in full before saying it's bad. Anyway, you're clearly trying to make flamebait. If you think I'm not going to block you, I will.

Edit : Proof!

Edit Again : Even without that lie, you don't need to use all four channels to make a good song.

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